Frequently Asked Questions


Are the products compatible with European homes?

Meir products are available for use in most Europen homes.

Customers can place an order from our UK or Australian websites, or through a distributor by clicking HERE

UK customers should provide our product’s technical specifications to their builder, plumber or architect to ensure that products comply with your local fitting and size requirements, particularly showers and bath spouts.

Spouts and showers may require an additional male/male thread for use in some homes. This connection part can be purchased locally in the UK, or supplied by a tradesman such as a builder or plumber.
Meir showers and spouts have a female 1/2″ BSP thread connection as standard. Refer to the images below for more information, or the specification files on each product’s listing page.

Specification drawings can be obtained from each item under the “specifications” tab.

Showers and spouts may require additional in-wall components depending on the setup and installation needs. Meir can supply these fittings from the links below:


Meir has attained the world renowned WaterMark and WELS certification in Australia, which ensures quality fixtures and ensures water efficiency. Please check with your local trade professional should you require any local standard such as WRAS, UPC or SABS.



Can I leave delivery instructions?

Yes, however not all requests can be completed. As standard, if you are not home to collect the parcel, the transport company will generally re-direct the parcel to your local post office and leave a collection card in your mailbox.

If you are in a unit, office building or have an unusual street address, please provide additional delivery instructions during the online checkout, as this will help the delivery driver locate the destination.


Can I track my order?

Yes, you should receive an email or SMS when your order is dispatched, in transit and expected for delivery. Communication is sent to the information you supplied on your order, so please ensure there are no spelling mistakes.

Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team at uk@meir.com.au and quote your order number.


Can I view items before purchasing?

EU customers can visit one our growing number of stockists HERE

Meir’s London expansion in 2017 will not introduce any showrooms until mid-2018. All online orders will be dispatched from our warehouse in Tilbury.

Orders placed at www.meirblack.co.uk; are entitled to a cooling off period. Customers can return items within 14 days for a full refund. Items must be received by our warehouse in the same brand new condition in which it was received by the customer and in its original packaging. Any items which are received that cannot be re-stocked will not be refundable, so customers are encouraged to ensure that any item being returned is adequately protected from transit damage.

Do you ship to New Zealand?

Please make purchases through our New Zealand distributor at www.thekitchenhub.co.nz or www.meirblack.co.nz

Do you ship to South Africa?

Please make purchases through our South African distributor at www.flushbathrooms.co.za or www.meirblack.co.za

Do you ship to the Netherlands?

Please make purchases through our Netherlands distributor at www.mastello.nl or www.meirblack.nl

How long does it take for my order to be received?

Delivery time can vary depending on your location, but is generally between 2 – 7 business days.

All orders are dispatched from our UK warehouse within 48-hours.

If you would like to know when an item is expected to be re-stocked, you can email uk@meir.com.au and a representative will respond shortly.


I only received part of my order, what happened?

Our warehouse can often send orders in more than one delivery – especially if you have items on back-order. All items which are in stock will be dispatched first, and each time an item becomes in stock again, there will be another delivery. This process will repeat until your order has been fulfilled completely.

If you would like an update on your order delivery, your tracking numbers or any other information, please email uk@meir.com.au


The item I want is on back-order. How long will I have to wait?

Generally, items that are on back-order have recently sold out. Meir manufactures stock on a fortnightly and monthly basis, so it’s common for items to have anywhere between two to four weeks delay, however, our customer service team can provide you with an exact date by emailing uk@meir.com.au


What countries do you ship to?
We provide free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

New Zealand customers can purchase through any one of our stockists here: http://meir.nz/meir-stockists/

What shipping methods are available?

Orders from www.meirblack.co.uk are dispatched from our Tilbury UK warehouse will be sent with either Royal Mail, DHL, TNT, or similar carrier, however parcels may be passed on from one of these providers to your locally operated or government-operated postal service.

Where can I view prices?

View prices for all products here: www.meirblack.co.uk/store



We do not keep credit card information on file whatsoever and any information that is sent to us over email will be automatically discarded. Manual credit card payments should be processed over the phone as our customer service team enters the card information directly into the machine facility. Please see our privacy policy for more information here: https://meirblack.co.uk/privacy-policy/

What is Afterpay?
Afterpay is a new and exciting way to shop!
Imagine a reverse lay-by system where you receive the goods now, but make four payment installments over time.


The maximum transaction allowance for Afterpay is $1,000, and at present not all Meir products are eligible.


  • Select Afterpay at checkout,
  • Nominate the credit or debit card to schedule the payments,
  • Get approved instantly and securely.



  • Use a Visa/Mastercard
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Living in Australia


If you fail to make a payment, you will be charged a $10 late payment fee by Afterpay with a further $7 late payment fee added seven days later if the payment is still unpaid. Please see Afterpay terms and conditions here.

What payment options can I use?

We accept Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard), PayPal and Bank deposit.

We cannot accept payments by either Amex or Diners.


For security reasons, please do not email your credit card details to us. We do not keep credit card information on file whatsoever and any information that is sent to us will be automatically discarded.
Manual credit card payments should be processed over the phone as our customer service team enters the card information directly into the merchant facility.

Please see our privacy policy for more information here: http://www.meir.com.au/privacy-policy/

Warranty & Returns

How do I claim on my warranty?
Please complete the submission HERE

Businesses must abide by consumer law. Customers have certain rights on their purchases and we are always willing to help customers achieve the best outcome. If you find that an item isn’t as described, doesn’t work as intended or has not functioned for a reasonable time (assuming the item hasn’t been misused or damaged), then you are eligible for a full refund, exchange of store credit. Full terms and conditions can be found here: https://meirblack.co.uk/warranty/

Something was missing or damaged in my delivery

If you received a Meir Black item that was damaged or something was missing, please email uk@meir.com.au or call our UK reception staff on 020 3468 1556


What is the warranty on your matte black tapware, showers and accessories?
Each item’s warranty information can be found in the product description field under the “warranty” tab.

The majority of our products’ warranty can be defined as:

10 years – Domestic use
12 months – Parts and Labour
3 years – Cartridge (for mixer products)

Care instructions:
Do not use any chemical-based cleaners or rough surface materials such as scourers.
Only use a soft cloth with warm soapy water.

The warranty specified is for use in Australia and NZ. Countries outside of Australia and NZ may have varied plumbing regulations that do not meet the same high standards in Australia and therefore we cannot warrant parts and labour for all international orders.

Where can I order spare parts?

Please contact our customer service desk at uk@meir.com.au



How do I clean my matte black kitchen or bathroom product(s)?

Do not use any harsh chemicals or rough surface materials such as scourers or adhesive tape.

A soft cloth with warm soapy water will keep the matte finish in new condition and will ensure your warranty is maintained.


Do I need to have my tapware or shower installed by a plumber?
We strongly suggest that a licensed tradesman installs all plumbing items. If an item is installed by a non-licensed person, your product warranty and possibly home & contents insurance may be void. If there are any damages caused during installation, a licensed plumber is responsible to pay for those damages.

Product & Technical

Do I need to use a shower mixer that has a diverter with my 2-in-1 shower rail?

No, all Meir 2-in-1 showers have an inbuilt diverter, so you will only need to use a single mixer or a set of taps (wall top assemblies) to control the shower.

Do Meir products comply with Australian Standards and carry the WaterMark seal?
All of our products meet Australian standards and carry the WaterMark imprint as well as any WELS certificate and rating that is applicable.
I have gravity-fed water. Will your products work in my home?

No, all Meir tapware products require Mains pressure and are not suitable for gravity-fed water systems, low pressure systems under 100kPa or high water pressure systems exceeding 1,000 kPa.

Some products look like they have different shades of black on the website
As we regularly design and introduce new products, our photography shoots on our black finish products can lag behind, and in these cases, we use either digital images of products photos from studios with different lighting which causes some products to look like they have a different colour than another.

Rest assured that all of our items undergo the same universal finishing process via electroplating. The plating process in nature also produces some slight variations in the finish as the vats are emptied and reused over and over again with other colours.

What do I do if I have high water pressure?

Seek assistance from licensed plumber or trades person as there are a number of options your plumber can implement to correct high water pressure. Meir mixer taps and other products should stay within the pressure range of 100 kPa to 1,000 kPa (or 1 – 100 Bar).

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to dissolve metal to form a metal coating.

Electroplating is harder wearing than powder coating, which is why Meir Australia uses the Electroplating process for all products.

Although Electroplating is more durable than powder coating, it is not scratch proof and care should be taken when cleaning and handling the products – just like other tapware such as Chrome.

What is Powder coating?
Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder. The powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under high heat temperatures. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer.

Powder coating is sensitive in terms of wear and tear and generally comes with a limited 1 year warranty, however if you take good care of your products, the finish will last for years to come.

What is the minimum and maximum water pressure for Meir products?

What is the minimum and maximum water pressure for Meir products?


Meir’s mixer tapware products are designed to withstand high pressure while still allowing low-pressure systems to function.

Mains pressure systems are required; i.e. no gravity-fed or water-tank systems are compatible.


The recommended water pressure range is:

  • Australia: 100 kPa minimum – 1,000 kPa maximum.
  • Other countries: 1 Bar minimum – 100 Bar maximum.


Meir tapware should not be used for pressures outside of this range as they will not function as intended and may void warranties.

If unsure, please consult your builder, plumber, architect or trade professional before making a purchase.

Where are your products made?

Meir products are proudly Australian designed, and the components that go into our products are sourced from leading European companies; primarily in Spain and Hungary.

We have recently moved some manufacturing off-shore but retain our local assembly line processes and employ additional staff to oversee QC at all stages.

Will my black tapware scratch?
Like most things, black tapware will scratch if you try hard enough, however if you don’t abuse your tapware and follow simple care instructions, the black finish on your products can last for a lifetime and look at good as the first day you purchased it.

Black tapware tends to look better over the years as the electroplated coating resists soap scum and mould better than the chrome counter-party.

Unlike chrome, the matte black finish reduces the reflective elements such as lighting, so things like fingerprints are actually less noticeable.

Powder-coated products may scratch easier than electroplated products, so please take additional care if you have purchased a powder-coated item.

Care instructions:
Do not use any harsh chemicals or rough surface materials such as scourers. Use a soft/microfiber cloth with warm soapy water to clean your matte black products.


Trade desk

Can I open a re-seller or trade business account?
Meir offers a range of options to re-sellers and trade account clients world-wide. Please fill in the appropriate form below:


Trade account application form: https://www.meirblack.co.uk/trade-account-application/


Re-seller application form: https://www.meirblack.co.uk/become-a-stockist/


Note: We are no longer accepting re-seller applications for New Zealand, South Africa and Netherlands.
(Updated 01.12.16)