Two-Way Thermostatic Mixer Valve with Diverter


Introducing one of the world's safest showering experiences; designed to be equally beautiful and practical. 

Utilising our unique temperature control mechanism, the water flow responds and counteracts quickly to changing water temperature and pressure to regulate a safe and controlled showering experience.

Featuring the latest in wax temperature sensing technology, the Meir TMV automatically maintains a consistent temperature.

The built-in anti-scalding safety precaution valve will protect your loved ones from hot water burns, while the safety override button prevents the accidental setting of the water temperature above 38 degrees.

With a high water flow rate output (even at low pressure), this thermostatic mixer can be used in a wide range of installations and in most countries around the world.

Price includes the One-Way Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valve - Concealed Part.

Summary & Specifications

Please note, this product may have a visible Meir Watermark or logo.


Warranty & Care

- 10 year domestic repair or replacement
- 15 year cartridge replacement

Care instructions:

- Do not use any chemical-based or harsh cleaners. Avoid any rough surface materials such as scourers
- Only use a soft cloth with warm soapy water
- Filters and aerators must be regularly cleaned
- In hard-water usage areas, high-quality water softeners and filters must be used