The never ending pursuit of perfection

We express ourselves through our creations. From the strength of the machinery to the gentlest of polishing, the beauty in creation is such a rewarding experience.

We appreciate that each piece we craft will be used by homeowners as a way of expressing themselves in their dream lifestyle.

Pictured: Kitchen Mixer in Tiger Bronze Gold; MK03-BB Pictured: Wall Taps and Spout in Tiger Bronze


Stunning views, from every angle

We help people shape and personalise their world through the products we offer; Products that are an expression of creative individuality.

Each piece is crafted at the highest standards and comprises of an Electroplated matte finish, which provides outstanding durability and a distinctively bold appearance.

Pictured: Spout and Mixer in Matte Black (MS05 + MW03) Pictured: Kitchen mixers in Tiger Bronze Gold, Champagne, Chrome and Matte Black (MK02)

Luxury Champagne Tapware

Meir's signature Champagne finish is elegant and sophisticated.

The unique combination of Polished Chrome and a touch of Rose-Gold creates an unmistakable colour that blends with both light and dark tones.

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