Meir is an Australian company that specialise in the design and manufacture of premium matte black tapware; with an emphasis on modern design and clean lines.
Designed with the assistance of leading architects, Meir creates each piece from concept to production at the highest standards.
Meir offers products both domestically and internationally with a head office in Melbourne, Australia.


Meir provides customers with a no-questions-asked returns policy and has a receptionist available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Meir selects the highest quality European parts and components from Switzerland, Hungary, and Spain and offers an outstanding 10-year domestic warranty.


Products are expertly made from a high quality DZR brass which exceeds certification standards such as WaterMark AS/NZS 6400.
Our finishes include PVD, Electroplating and Painting.

Purchases can be made through our online store or through one of our stockists.















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